About Us

Bitserum is pet project of two people led by a shared philosophy: that games matter as an art form which can communicate a message or emotion through play; that games should treat players fairly without long-winded psychological traps; that games have to be fun.

We’re here to see if we can live up to that philosophy.

Bitserum are Antonio and Gabriel. Among our gaming influences are (in no particular order): Dota, Starcraft, Portal, Fallout, Deus Ex, The Talos Principle, Braid, Elite, Zelda, Papers Please, Unreal Tournament, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering and a ton of little web games.

We build our games in Unity, and have been at it for a while now, on and off. If you’d really like to know more random details about us and our past projects, here you go.

Antonio Hajden Antonio
Does regularly: design, art, storytelling
Dabbles in: sound, music

Gabriel Gabriel
Does regularly: programming
Dabbles in: 3D modeling, drawing